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Re: [newbie] listening note programming question

From: "D. Jason Nolan" <>
>overboard.  I took $note and added a verb :tell with the string
>this:set_text({@this.text, dobjstr});
>This added anything said onto the note.
>But now I want to add the names of the speaker.  So I tried:
>this:set_text({this.text, tostr(, " -> ", argstr)});

Try adding the @ in again...

this:set_text({@this.text, tostr(, " -> ", argstr)});

>Which works, but ONLY gives me the last thing that someone said prefaced
>by their name, and a cryptic {list}

That's because you didn't "unravel" the first list.  I've made this
mistake more than once...


Tom Ritchford,

Verge's "Little Idiot" -- Music for the mentally peculiar.


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