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A good set of generic questions...


Having just gotten back into MOO Hacking after a several year haitus,
there are a few things I would like to find out (thanks VERY much for
the kind help of folk like Slayer and Andrew Wilson who've already
answered a number of my questions), that I am sure would be helpful to
most people starting out with a MOO and want to get into more than
just the simple aspects of its operation:

1) What is the current state-of-the-art in MOO-networking?  In a
recent email chat with Andrew Wilson, he told me that the (his)
current code-base on his site is mothhballed, but JaysHouseMOO might
be more up to date.  The MOOnet code doesn't seem to be in the
LambdaCore (unless I am missing it somewhere :-)...

Is there an archive + installation kits for some flavor of current
networking code that can be plugged into the LambdaCore?

2) What is the current state of the art in Moo<-->WWW connectivity?
The BioMOO tools are extremely kool, but there is no indication of
their availability.. there are some BioMOO "whiteboad" messages
hinting at a September release date.. but these notes fail to mention
a year[!!] (based on some other notes therein, I think the plan WAS
for 1995...)

3) Is there an archive anywhere of installation kits/tools (not just
raw code) for various MOO objects..?  

I think there needs to be some more tools/examples to help people get
their Moo endeavors off to a running start, if there is no such animal
(archive), I would be willing to host such a site, if I can pull
together enough things to make it worthwhile...

TIA for any insights folks can provide.

David HM Spector				Software/Network Designer				voice: +1 212.721.6974
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