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Re: A good set of generic questions...

David HM Spector drew these hieroglyphs:

> 1) What is the current state-of-the-art in MOO-networking?  In a
> recent email chat with Andrew Wilson, he told me that the (his)
> current code-base on his site is mothhballed, but JaysHouseMOO might
> be more up to date.  The MOOnet code doesn't seem to be in the
> LambdaCore (unless I am missing it somewhere :-)...

I'd say JHcore has some of the best networking code there. It has a
Web interface, and they just recently finished an nntp daemon to let
you read mail lists with your favorite newsreader.

> Is there an archive + installation kits for some flavor of current
> networking code that can be plugged into the LambdaCore?

I've looked around enough and I can safely say "no".  There are no
simple plug-ins, but JHcore's networking tools could probably be
converted to LambdaCore easily enough.

> 2) What is the current state of the art in Moo<-->WWW connectivity?

WaxWeb.  Do a Lycos search on WaxWeb, I don't have the URL.  Their
system is not portable, not that I know of.  I'm sorta partial to
E_WEB (on E_MOO of course) for general-purpose usage, because it lets
users return http status codes among other things.  Page moved to
another site or object?  Just return $httpd:status_redirect(new-url).

> 3) Is there an archive anywhere of installation kits/tools (not just
> raw code) for various MOO objects..?  

Well, JHcore has a nice little tool called the "current-object" that
lets you port objects via a @dump script with no need to edit the
script, as it will automagically sub the object number of the new
object.  There's also Defender's @autoport, you can ask him about it
on RiverMOO.

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