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Re: A good set of generic questions...

On Sun, 19 May 1996, Chuck Adams wrote:

> David HM Spector drew these hieroglyphs:
> > 2) What is the current state of the art in Moo<-->WWW connectivity?
> WaxWeb.  Do a Lycos search on WaxWeb, I don't have the URL.  Their
> system is not portable, not that I know of.  I'm sorta partial to
> E_WEB (on E_MOO of course) for general-purpose usage, because it lets
> users return http status codes among other things.  Page moved to
> another site or object?  Just return $httpd:status_redirect(new-url).
Has anyone attempted to write a web gateway based on frames?  I've been
thinking of doing this for a while, but I have too many projects and don't
know enough about HTTP servers to do it yet.  The way I was thinking, any
page sent out by the MOO could look something like:

           |    MOO's name in big letters     |
           |     |      Room       |   Room   |
 Inventory--->   |   Description   | Contents |
           |     |                 |          |
           |  Menu bar and navagation icons   |

and then each frame would only change when it has to.  Anyone see any
problems with this (besides that not every browser supports frames) ?

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