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Re: A good set of generic questions...

At 04:57 PM 5/19/96 PDT, Don Schwarz wrote:
>Has anyone attempted to write a web gateway based on frames?  I've been
>thinking of doing this for a while, but I have too many projects and don't
>know enough about HTTP servers to do it yet.  The way I was thinking, any
>page sent out by the MOO could look something like:
I think the one on Snow does this, although it's down at the moment... used
a lot of netscape specific stuff... was kinda slow on my connection, though.

>and then each frame would only change when it has to.  Anyone see any
>problems with this (besides that not every browser supports frames) ?
>                                                         --Dark_Owl
not really, if it works, it'll work as long as the server can compensate
when the browser can't support frames.

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