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Re: A good set of generic questions...

>Has anyone attempted to write a web gateway based on frames?  I've been
>thinking of doing this for a while, but I have too many projects and don't
>know enough about HTTP servers to do it yet.  The way I was thinking, any
>page sent out by the MOO could look something like:
>           +----------------------------------+
>           |    MOO's name in big letters     |
>           +-----+-----------------+----------+
>           |     |      Room       |   Room   |
> Inventory--->   |   Description   | Contents |
>           |     |                 |          |
>           +-----+-----------------+----------+
>           |  Menu bar and navagation icons   |
>           +----------------------------------+

  There are three such systems I know of.  At SnowMOO
( , at MOOtiny (""),
and at Diversity University MOO
("").  In the DU system, frames
are used to implement a telnet Java applet in a separate frame from the web
and VRML frame.  Too many frames, and you'll find most of your screen is
taken up by frame-related impedimentia (too many damn borders and scroll
bars), so a compromise is needed if you want to support the folks with
smaller than 17" monitors.  Sometimes, using embedded multimedia (with VRML,
for example) works better.  Naturally, I like the Diversity University
  The DU system is an addendum to the BioWeb system, which both DU MOO and
BioMOO use.  Alex Stewart (Richelieu) wrote the Cup-O MUD java applet.
                       Eric Mercer  (EricM @ BioMOO and DU MOO)
P.S. The WaxWeb system is pretty cute.  It's derived from the same
Sensemedia System that MOOtiny and Snow were originally built on, but I hear
they've modified it heavily.  Though I apologize for mentioning this, since
it probably means a big set of "SenseMedia rules!" postings from the
proprietor. :)

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