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Re: Server patch levels...

On Wed, 22 May 1996, Pavel Curtis wrote:

> Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 16:09:59 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Pavel Curtis <>
> To: Junkie's 'R' Us <>
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: Server patch levels...
> "Junkie's 'R' Us" writes:
> > May 20 21:48:10: *** READ_DB_FILE: Unknown DB version number: 4
> > 
> > we can't even revert back to our old server.  Um, does 
> > anyone know HOW this can be achived, IF there's a way to do this?  
> You can't go back; the database format version number is there precisely to
> mark incompatible changes.  I recommend that you try to figure out why p5 is
> losing for you.  For example, take a backup copy of your database dumped by p2
> and run it in side-by-side comparison on both p2 and p5.  If you can measure a
> difference in this kind of a single-variable test, then the trick is to try to
> figure out what part of the system is causing the problem, usually by
> eliminating one background task from each system over and again until the
> difference goes away.
> Good luck,
> 	Pavel

Well, that is all fine and well, and I really hate to sound like a brat, 
but it is not the system that is causing the lag time we're getting from 

We've changed NOTHING on the system.  The types and number of tasks 
running on the machine are the SAME.  The MOO's background tasks are the 
same.  We've ruled out everything except the moo server.  

The one change we DID make was installing FUP in extensions.c as oppossed 
to the typical files.c and hacking of various files for compiling.  We 
recently moved back to the "old" form of having files.c and not using 
extensions.c ... this DID cut back some of the lag.

I cannot think of anything else that could be causing this "sudden" 
sluggishness.  The machine is the same, the tasks are the same.  The only 
difference is the server version.  It is disconcerting that it looks like 
we have two choices: Grin and smile and hope it just goes away or lose a 
LOT of work in order to convince people it is indeed p4-5 that has caused 
this increase in CPU useage and thus extremely sluggish server.

Chris Delaney
Archwizard, RiverMOO

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