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Re: FUP ate my db wrote -
>I'd just like to point out a `small' bug in FUP... if you try and
>fileread() a
>directory, it just keeps reading, and reading, and reading, and locks the
>server up, and eventually runs out of memory and the server panics and dumps

I fail to reproduce this. Admittedly, filereading directories gives erratic
results, but in our experience it never caused panics.
What machine type are you using? What OS?

>May 25 22:29:54: *** PANIC: memory allocation (size 34160) failed!
>May 25 22:29:55: #235:more, line 19:  server panic
>May 25 22:29:55: (End of traceback)
>May 25 22:29:55: PANIC-DUMPING on deaddump3.db.PANIC ...
>May 25 22:29:56: PANIC-DUMPING: Writing 306 objects...
>May 25 22:30:00: PANIC-DUMPING: Done writing 306 objects...
>May 25 22:30:00: PANIC-DUMPING: Writing 1474 MOO verb programs...
>May 25 22:30:12: *** PANIC: memory allocation (size 12) failed!
>May 25 22:30:12: *** RECURSIVE PANIC: aborting

What are the (relevant) contents of #235:more ? wrote -
>yeah I know, it also locks up if you try to read/write a file with ; or : in

I have most probably misplaced your kind message reporting this failure....
As TEf pointed out, yes, ; and : are stripped (among others) from the
filenames. Not from the content.

Let me just remind you that FUP was developed on SunOS, and that the
developers take no responsibility for the results of using it, or stopping
to use it, as described in the copyright.
Reports about OS incompatibilities are welcome, as long as they include
enough information to make sense of them.

Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888

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