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Re: FUP ate my db (and I did RTFM)

>Because you are putting the entire path as a single string?
>Did you read the docs that came with FUP?  Is you OS actually letting you
>create a file with a null name?  You have to explode the path on the last
>/.  This is for security reasons.

Yes, yes, I know, I'm doing all this. The reason why I want it as a single 
string is so that I can handle the *entire* pathname from within the db rather 
than splitting it up into parts. I think the reason why it's actually crashing 
is that while Unix systems will let you open a directory as a file, reads and 
writes don't do the obvious. I think the EOF marker is definately dodgy, which 
explains why fileread() appeared to just keep reading data until it ran out of 

>>Reports about OS incompatibilities are welcome, as long as they include
>>enough information to make sense of them.
>Is it just me, or this is problem running rampant everywhere? :)
>Note, tostr(E_INVIND) will tell you waht E_INVIND is.  And it doesn't 
>really make sense to raise that, but what do I know.

I know it's an `invalid indirection'... whatever that is. What does it mean?

>Why are you trying to remove files with filermdir?

Because I'm writing a generic FUP wrapper class, supposed to be proteected 
enough so that ordinary programmers use it, and there's no *telling* what 
they're going to do.


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