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Re: Cease and Desist!

>Today after searching alta vista I was surprised to see another listing
>under Mystical Crossroads. Apparently you were not aware that this name
>is copyrighted, since it is the name of my Company.

and then:

>Wow, hadn't thought of that one. I guess if the room is browsable via the net, then
>there isn't much you can do but heed this guy's warning. If it affects his legitimate
>customers reaching his web page, then I guess he has rights.

Part of the question is how much right a person has to the information returned by a free 
search engine.  If they had paid to be listed first in the return results of Alta-Vista and 
they were not, whose at fault there?  Also, it appears that if they would have used only the 
words "Mystical Crossroads" in the title of one of their pages, they would be listed first. 
Is this even a question of being listed first?

Alta-Vista tells me there are "about 6000" matching items for Mystical Crossroads, so there 
are many "other listings under Mystical Crossroads".

I think I'll add "Mystical Crossroads" to all my web pages just to get a higher listing in 
the search engines and piss this guy off.


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