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Re: Cease and Desist!

Well, I've just done a (fairly quick) web search, using Lycos and Alta Vista. 
I found ONE (1) reference to a mystic crossroads, which is:

Since Mr. Kowalski (né Storm, has a surprisingly 
similar email address, this is probably him; it's a shop that sells tacky 
occult stuff (strange herbs, candles, bits of silver with pentagrams on, Tarot 
decks) and Tantra stuff (`sexual enhancement and Sacred Sexuality'). Conflict 
of interest? Zero, I should think.

Oh, yes. Lycos picked up him only. Alta Vista didn't pick up anything, 
although I only got to page ten out of twenty plus before giving up. If he 
found you on Alta Vista, he's *really* looking hard. And I've totally failed 
to find your Mystic Crossroads even by looking closely at your web pages.

I can't offer any legal advice but I think he's just out to bully you.


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