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Re: Cease and Desist!

>>>>> "dg" == dg  <> writes:

    dg> Well, I've just done a (fairly quick) web search, using Lycos
    dg> and Alta Vi sta.  I found ONE (1) reference to a mystic
    dg> crossroads, which is:


    dg> Since Mr. Kowalski (n=E9 Storm, has
    dg> a surprisingly similar email address, this is probably him;
    dg> it's a shop that sells tacky occult stuff (strange herbs,
    dg> candles, bits of silver with pentagrams on, Tarot decks) and
    dg> Tantra stuff (`sexual enhancement and Sacred
    dg> Sexuality'). Conflict of interest? Zero, I should think.

    dg> Oh, yes. Lycos picked up him only. Alta Vista didn't pick up
    dg> anything, although I only got to page ten out of twenty plus
    dg> before giving up. If he found you on Alta Vista, he's *really*
    dg> looking hard. And I've totally failed to find your Mystic
    dg> Crossroads even by looking closely at your web pages.

    dg> I can't offer any legal advice but I think he's just out to
    dg> bully you.

    dg> --David

    dg> -- -------------------
    dg> -------------- If you're up against someone more intelligent
    dg> than you are, do something totally insane and let him think
    dg> himself to death.  --- Pyanfar Chanur ----------------
    dg> Sun-Earther David Daton Given of Lochcarron ------------

Given that this creep is actually running a devil worship store, which
is what it sounds and looks like to me (and I *DO* know what I am
talking about: I am a preacher, and I checked out his web page), he
must have found something that irritated him in your MOO, and is
seeking to destroy it or you because of it.  Does your MOO have a
Christian theme of some sort?  Mine does, although it is nowhere near
finished yet.

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