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Cease and Desist!

  We received this message the other day from a man who apparently feels 
that the name of one of our player's rooms violates his exclusive right 
to "Mystical Crossroads." BayMOO is accessible through the web, and 
generates an "on-the-fly" temporary page so that visitors can browse 
rooms, objects, etc. 
  Has anyone here any thoughts or experience with this issue? If your 
players decide to name their rooms "Microsoft" or "Coca-Cola," can those 
companies legitimately force you to cease and desist?
  I realize this issue may sound like a laugher. But so have many other 
cases, which have wound up in court with substantial damages extracted 
by the offended party.

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Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 19:47:52 -0400
From: Storm <>
Subject: Use of copyrighted name!

To whom it may concern,
Today after searching alta vista I was surprised to see another listing
under Mystical Crossroads. Apparently you were not aware that this name
is copyrighted, since it is the name of my Company. I would appreciate
it if you would cease & desist from using same.

                                                 Yours truly,
                                                 Richard Kowalski
                                                 Mystical Crossroads


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