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Re: Cease and Desist!

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By author: (Tom Ritchford)
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> Neither of these is at all effective...
> HOWEVER, there are many, many classes of copyright, depending on what
> business you are in.  Often people get several but you'd not get all
> of them.  That would mean that a Mystical Crossroads restaurant would
> not conflict with a fabric designer of the same name.
> SO, I'd ask him what category of copyright he has... it's almost certainly
> nothing that conflicts with the usage in the MOO.

Please don't confuse trademarks with copyright (the adjective of
which is copyrighted, by the way -- a pet peeve of mine).  They are
*completely* different kinds of intellectual property, and obey
completely different rules.

What you mention above is correct for trademarks -- a trademark
applies to a specific business category.

> Even if you are violating the copyright, all he can get out of you
> is damages.  He'd have to prove that you had actually cost him money!
> Fat chance...

Not true.  All he would have to prove is infringement, and if his
trademark is registered, he can sue for legal costs.

> He could also get an injunction to prevent you using the name even if
> you had not cost him money... but then you just rename the room.
> He'd basically be certain to lose money if he sued you.

No doubt.  Odds for him winning this one sounds like about
1:10^(bullshit factor in Congress).

> Copyright law is NOT like liability law.  I think that you could safely
> even just ignore him!  But, by all means, find out what category he holds
> so you can make an informed decision.
> DISCLAIMER:  I learned something about this because we are in a copyright
> dispute... I'm not a legal professional and I make mistakes in general!

Same disclaimer applies.  THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE - FOR ME TO PROVIDE


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