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Re: MOO vs. LPMUD, Pueblo, etc

> From Fri Jun 14 00:09:23 1996
> :
> Hats off to Chaco -- sure wish there were a Mac port.
>  --
>   -John Maxwell

I could be wrong, but as I understand it, due to the still high proportion of 
academic users on the Net, there are far more Unix users connected than even PC 
users, let alone Mac users.  Macs probably get a higher showing than in the 
desktop figures, again because of the academic slant.  But Unix is still the OS 
of choice on the Net - not just servers, but clients too.

Yes, most home users have PCs, but they're dial-up, maybe 3 hours a day.  Unix 
systems tend to be hard-wired on, and get time-shared between students with time 
to burn. 

This is where Microsoft Explorer is loosing out, and it's a huge hole that Chaco 
really need to fix to get better acceptance.




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