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compiling problems

I am still having problems compiling MOO 1.8.0 under Sun OS 5.3 (Solaris
2.3). One of you suggested that the problem is that the compiler I am using
is not ANSI compliant, and that I should install gcc. My sysadmin won't let
me install gcc though, since he paid good money for the Sun compiler.
SparcCompiler 3.0 is supposed to be ANSI compliant, so I don't understand
why it won't work. 

Any ideas?


here's the error I get:

"./config.h", line 268: undefined control
*** Error code 2
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `ast.o'

when I set the compiler on ANSI strict mode, it gets through ast.o with many
warnings, but dies a little later


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