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Traceback on @edit??

I've just installed a MOO server on the local machine, 1.8.0p5, and
LambdaCore ... erm, whatever's current (downloaded from
today as LambdaCore-latest.tar.Z).

I can successfully @edit properties, and mail messages, but when I try
to edit verbs I get something resembling this:

>@edit #3:look_self
#58:verbname_match, line 2:  Type mismatch
... called from #58:find_verb_named, line 11
... called from #48:parse_invoke, line 24
... called from #49:invoke (this == #48), line 37
... called from #6:@edit (this == #94), line 6
(End of traceback)

This happens whoever is doing the editing (generic programmer, wizard,
or #2), and to any verb I've tried.

@verb works, @program works, just the verb editing is broken.

Am I doing something particularly dumb, here?  I looked through both
FAQs with no results, and the web archive of the list seems to be
broken at the moment.


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