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Re: Traceback on @edit??


>>> "eg" == Edward Goff <> writes:

eg> On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Bek Oberin wrote:

bo> I've just installed a MOO server on the local machine, 1.8.0p5,
bo> and LambdaCore ... erm, whatever's current (downloaded from
bo> today as LambdaCore-latest.tar.Z).

bo> I can successfully @edit properties, and mail messages, but when I
bo> try to edit verbs I get something resembling this:
bo> @verb works, @program works, just the verb editing is broken.

eg> Does anyone read the changelog and help file that comes with
eg> servers anymore?

I think you misspelled "Let me find the appropriate chapter and verse
in the 1.8.0p5 ChangeLog."  :-), allow me; it's in the entry for 1.8.0alpha3, 27 Dec 1995.  (At
least I *think* this should solve the problem...)

Added support for unambiguous reference to specific verbs in the built-in
functions `delete_verb()', `verb_info()', `set_verb_info()', `verb_args()',
`set_verb_args()', `verb_code()', `set_verb_code()', and `disassemble().  In
all cases, if the second argument (the verb name) is a positive number
instead of a string, it is treated as a 1-based index into the list of all
verbs defined on the given object.
********** The old behavior, in which numeric strings in these argument
** NOTE ** positions (and in the built-in `.program' command) were sometimes
********** treated as 0-based indices into the list of defined verbs, has
now been disabled by default.  To re-enable it, define the property
`$server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings' and give it a true value.
Most existing databases will require this re-enabling, at least for a period
of transition; a certain amount of important old code critically depends on
this old behavior.
  I chose to do things this way in order to emphasize the strong incentive
for sites to update the affected old code to the new, more reliable
mechanism; with the old mechanism enabled, it is possible to create
situations where some verbs (with numeric names) simply cannot be referred
to by name.

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John Doppke <>

"What's another word for Thesaurus?"
		-- Steven Wright

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