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RE: @corifying objects

I understand that there is supposed to be a way to create an alternate
object that can be used for @corifying, in other words another object
whos props with a valid dbref for contents could be refered to as $prop.
Am I mistaken about this?  If not does anyone know how to go about this?

I read this a dozen times and _just_ got it.  Short of hacking the server, 
no there is no way of making $foo anything but  I really really 
recommend against hacking the server.

Some MOOs, including the one I call home, have a convention that translates 
$ into &foo.  It involves some hacks to code parsing and unparsing. 
 I'm not wild about it because if we get bitwise operators it could just 
hose up when parsing them, but the opinion was not unanimous and thus we 
have &foo==$  I'll admit I find it useful at times.  I'm not sure 
where else it's used.

Lambdacore doesn't come with a $local.  Create it, it doesn't matter what it 
is, and add it to #0 like so:

@create $root_class called Local Core
@corify local core as local

I myself think Lambdacore should come with a blank $local and a blank 


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