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Re: @corifying objects

--- wrote:
At 02:48 AM 7/31/96 PDT, Bill DeVos wrote:
>I understand that there is supposed to be a way to create an alternate
>object that can be used for @corifying, in other words another object
>whos props with a valid dbref for contents could be refered to as $prop.
>Am I mistaken about this?  If not does anyone know how to go about this?
I think only properties on #0 can be referred to as $prop.
Although you can make an object, chparent #0 to it, and still be able to use
properties on that object as $prop...
--- end of quoted material ---

This trick also applies to $bf_foo verbs.  I use this to keep code modular on
#0 instead of just a big $mess.  For example, I wrote some wrappers that
allowed wizards with wiz.invisible >= 1 to be "disconnected" to normal players
accessing the list through connected_players(), connected_seconds(), etc.  I
just made a "layer" that I chparented #0 to and put the verbs on that. 
Besides, this means I could do something else that changes those verbs
differently and put that on another layer without changing the invisibility


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