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Re: Cold (Re: wish-list)

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Brandon Gillespie wrote:

> Or you can just use Cold, its core interpreter clocks 10 to nearly 30 
> times faster than MOO.  You can see the tests I am pulling this from at:
> If you want to know the reasons, I can explain why this is.

I wonder about these tests -- the first one, about forced task preempting,
looks pretty convincing, but the other two use LambdaCore verbs (such as 
player:tell() and $string_utils:explode()) that take a lot of overhead.  
I don't know Cold from a hole in the wall, but it does seem like there 
are more efficient ways in MOO (using notify(), match(), etc.) to 
accomplish these tested tasks.

Could you try running the tests using just MOO builtins?

Tripod, Inc.

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