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Cold (Re: wish-list)

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Matthew Sanderson wrote:
> Frobs in MOO sounds like a great idea. In fact, while we're talking about
> Coldifying MOO, why not add some of Cold's sophistication in method calls?
> Far too much DB space is wasted with code like 'if (caller != this)', 'if
> ($perm_utils:controls(caller_perms(), this))' and so on for my liking. Some
> new verb flags specifying what can call this verb would:

Or you can just use Cold, its core interpreter clocks 10 to nearly 30 
times faster than MOO.  You can see the tests I am pulling this from at:

If you want to know the reasons, I can explain why this is.

-Brandon Gillespie

(BTW, the cold driver is stable--it is currently running several dbs,
including one db with about a 27MB db (this is the compressed binary
db)--this server runs in about 6MB RAM; there should be a ColdCore release

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