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Re: Cold (Re: wish-list)

Brandon wrote:
>Or you can just use Cold <...>
>(BTW, the cold driver is stable--it is currently running several dbs,
>including one db with about a 27MB db (this is the compressed binary
>db)--this server runs in about 6MB RAM; there should be a ColdCore release

Cold sounds really exciting, promising and delivering. Can I assume safely
that there will be an easy way to make the move from MOO to Cold, without
having to start from scratch? Note that a ColdCore means starting from
scratch, if an existing MOO database has to be simply trashed because it
cannot be transferred without some good measure of automation.

I agree that, if we were to start everything again from zero, we might be
much better off using Cold. But consider a MOO with hundreds of users and
thousands of objects, with a relatively lean database thanks to selective
diskbasing (read FUP), and running on a machine that is quick enough that
the average server lag is zero. Our main problem is the netlag, and this is
one bug that Cold won't fix.

So, why should we move to Cold?

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