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Re: Wish-list (!object nums)

>The Goal:
>1. Reduce reliance on object numbers.
>The Proposal:
>1. When an object is created it can be tagged as 'global'
>2. Unique objects have their names in a global name space, which can 
>be referenced from anywhere.
>3. Local variables that clash with these unique names would override 

First, I think it's a really bad idea to confuse the name used in
the environment with the name used in programming.  The former should
be able to be verbose, adjectived, and fully in flux, while the
latter should be constant and absolute.

Second, your proposal of "global" tags offers no improvement
over the '$'-scheme.

Your goal is indeed noble enough, but it can be done in-db.
One common method is to corify one object and hierarchically
extend using properties, ie "$furniture.chair.settee.brown".
An approach more suitable for use in the environment is JHCore's
"->" hack, which seems to look at children, ownership, contents,
etc, ie "$player->maynard->library->book" or whatever.  I rarely
if ever use object numbers directly in a jhcore.

You'll notice that they both use a hierarchy, which is good,
because it shows that we've learned that you can't store
30,000 files in one directory.



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