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Wish-list (!object nums)


I am a novice, so the following may be said out of ignorance.
The thing that struck me most are object numbers. I think that any 
need to use them should be removed from the language. Rather it 
should be possible to use names as object indentifiers. 

The Goal:
1. Reduce reliance on object numbers.

The Proposal:
1. When an object is created it can be tagged as 'global'
2. Unique objects have their names in a global name space, which can 
be referenced from anywhere.
3. Local variables that clash with these unique names would override 

The Rational:
I think not using object numbers where possible is so obvious i wont 

Making only *some* objects 'global' would not put every object into 
this global name-space. Rather only generic classes and unique 
objects would likely be added (maybe players ?).  
A simple naming convention would also help manage the global namespace 

Local vars would override the globals because otherwise 
as new globals are created old code may not function properly 

It could be implemented as a object flag bit (aka permission bit).
a = create(p, o);
would initially set to 0
Changes to .name would become dependent on the value of .global

Anyways, thats some thoughts.

--Geoffrey King--Software Engineer--Ice T Multimedia--


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