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Re: Wish-list (!object nums)

On Sat, 24 Aug 1996, Geoffrey King wrote:
> The Proposal:
> 1. When an object is created it can be tagged as 'global'
> 2. Unique objects have their names in a global name space, which can 
> be referenced from anywhere.
> 3. Local variables that clash with these unique names would override 
> them.
> The Rational:
> I think not using object numbers where possible is so obvious i wont 
> elaborate.

Cold has object names by default, in the Cold Core you should _never_ see 
an object number.  Object name lookup in cold is much faster than in MOO, 
so there is not a concern for global/local names (I've tested it on a db 
with 50,000 objects).

-Brandon Gillespie

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