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copyright for LambdaCore

  Sorry, I know this is an old topic but I've searched the MOO-Cows archives
with all the major search engines and found nothing.  I've *heard* that the
LambdaCore is public domain.  The only appearances of the word "copyright"
in that puppy are in the evil Mr. Spell ($spell) and in the description of
the gopher utilities ($gopher) which is copyright ... JoeFeedback@LambdaMOO,
our latest hero (hi Erik, I'll be writing soooon!).
  Anyway, can someone point me toward a message (month/year?) to MOO-Cows
from one of the LambdaMOO wizards that describes its copyright situation?
It'd be REALLY nice if the next core extraction came with an explicit
statement, like how the LambdaMOO Server components specifically note Xerox
as copyright holder but gives permission for use, copying, modification, and
  I'm dealing with the business end of a new core release (free for
non-commercial use), from Diversity University MOO based on LambdaCore, and
trying to make sure I have a clear picture of the legal scene (as much as
such things can be clear).  I hate to be playing "cover my butt" although
I'd hate even more to have a hot poker stuck up there later.  :)

Eric (EricM @ Diversity University MOO and BioMOO)


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