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A while back I posted some code for a do_command verb on a room that lets
you force any person in the room to do a command as if she typed it in.
We've been using it with no problems until recently when we discovered it
chokes on "none none none" verbs. This is because of the:



line. If a verb is none none none, then I get "verb not found" errors. Does
anyone know any way around that?

I'd like to be able to call verbs like @quit, and I dont want to have to
hardwire each none none none verb into my do_command.

Another problem we discovered was that no matter what assignments we made
before the verb call above, the "caller" was always set to the room object.
This causes problems with some verbs since they check that caller=player,
and it doesnt. Caller = room, and player is the player = rightcaller. Is
there a way to set the caller for the next verb without it getting reset?


Adam Skwersky
550 Memorial Dr. #4C1
Cambridge, MA 02139

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