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Re: DB: Information for database editing

> I've seen in the past requests for information about "all those numbers"
> in the database, etc, so that people can edit it by hand if they
> have to.
> I *am* correct in thinking that no one has done this yet (compiled
> information about it), right?  If so, I will do so soon.  Recently,
> I've had such problems to deal with (not me directly, but another
> MOO that's run by a friend of mine... one of his wizzes stupidly
> unset the wizard flag on #2, so I fixed it for him).

Actually, mid-1994 (it's in the MOO-Cows archive) Alex Stewart and I posted
information detailing the internals of LambdaMOO db files.

An HTMLized summary is available as:

Robert Leslie


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