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RE: Database Editors

At 5:39 PM 9/12/95, Timothy Brown wrote:
>This was not my original intent in database editors.  I'm mainly looking
>for a neat MS-DOS interface that I can _directly_ edit a database, specifically
>@creating rooms (yes, I know that's a core command, don't lecture me please)

Why use a DB editor?  Just start the server (You can even start it so it's
only available locally) and do all your @creating then.

>but in the general sense, it seems like a Good Thing (tm).  If your database
>is so insecure that it is easily accessible by ftp or something similar then
>you shouldn't be running a MOO anyway.  A database editor seems to me like
>the answer to a lot of simple MOO administration commands.  Have you ever
>seen Merc's Windows area editor for Merc/CircleMUD?  It is one sweet piece
>of coding.  I'm not sayign that something like that could be similarly useful
>for MOO editing but the idea is the same -- if you need to add an escape code
>to somewhere in the DB for example or something similar, or you want to do
>a big chunk of coding on your local machine with a fullscreen editor (don't
>lecture me on mud.el and local editing macros present in some MOOs/Tinyfugue

Adding an escape code is one of the few things for which a DB editor would
be very useful.  If you want to do verb editing using a fullscreen editor,
use a regular word-processor and copy & paste if you're using a Mac/PC, or
use a MUD client if using Unix.

>What i'm saying is it could possibly be a worthwhile utility to right if it
>had some cool features in it.  Naturally, it'd need to use parts of code from
>the LambdaMOO Server perhaps, but even this would be Something of Dubious
>Utility (tm) that i'd like to see someday.

Why copy parts of the server if you can just use the server?  I don't see
the point.

>Tim... Phylon... Japeth... you get the idea.

Matt Pauker

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