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RE: Database Editors

This was not my original intent in database editors.  I'm mainly looking
for a neat MS-DOS interface that I can _directly_ edit a database, specifically
@creating rooms (yes, I know that's a core command, don't lecture me please)
but in the general sense, it seems like a Good Thing (tm).  If your database
is so insecure that it is easily accessible by ftp or something similar then
you shouldn't be running a MOO anyway.  A database editor seems to me like
the answer to a lot of simple MOO administration commands.  Have you ever
seen Merc's Windows area editor for Merc/CircleMUD?  It is one sweet piece
of coding.  I'm not sayign that something like that could be similarly useful
for MOO editing but the idea is the same -- if you need to add an escape code
to somewhere in the DB for example or something similar, or you want to do
a big chunk of coding on your local machine with a fullscreen editor (don't
lecture me on mud.el and local editing macros present in some MOOs/Tinyfugue

What i'm saying is it could possibly be a worthwhile utility to right if it
had some cool features in it.  Naturally, it'd need to use parts of code from
the LambdaMOO Server perhaps, but even this would be Something of Dubious
Utility (tm) that i'd like to see someday.

Tim... Phylon... Japeth... you get the idea.

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