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Re: [PROG] changing the value of player

ThwartedEfforts writes:
> Well, is this code _susposed_ to work:
> @verb me:call_as this none this rxd $archwizard
> @program me:call_as
> player = args[1];
> object = args[2];
> verb = args[3];
> args = args[4..length(args)];
> set_task_perms(player);
> return object:(verb)(@args);
> The problem is, the new value of player doesn't survive because of the
>  set_task_perms() (assume that args[1] was a non-wizard)...

The code is *not* supposed to work.  You have to do this in two steps; one
wizardly verb changes `player' and then calls another (or the same!) wizardly
verb to do the set_task_perms() and call the intended target.  We have a couple
of places in Jupiter where we do this and in both cases we managed to have the
same verb do double duty.  Think of it as a challenge... :-)


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