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DI was playing around with this built-in today and noticed something
that I
can not make sense of.  Each fork vector contains a line such as the
following before the actual Bytecodes (this is from an unprogrammed

[Bytes for labels = 1, literals = 1, forks = 1, variables = 1, stack
= 1]

In this case, I expect that literals = 0, forks = 0, and variables = 0. 
am unseure about the other two.

When I disassemble() a verb containing the two lines: a=3; and b=6; this
line does not change the values.  Can someone explain what is happening
here to clarify what I am missing?


Jason R. Mills
RayoDeSol@MundoHispano           Archwizard of Rupert
SunRay everywhere else.

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