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Re: Changing preposition specifiers

At 11:50 -0500 9/15/96, Antonio Martos wrote:
>I am running a Moo server in spanish language with lambda 1.8.0p5
>I want to change the preposition strings to fit spanish in a better way.
>Is there any way without changing the server sources?

Yes. (see bellow)

>Does the server support aliases for prepositions?

Not as far as I know.

>May I suggest to include a prop in $server_options with a list of the
>valid prep specifiers and aliases in the form:
>{"with/using/con/usando","at/to/a/hacia",...} allowing wizards to
>customize them in future versions of lambda?

This is not really needed but could be convenient :)

You can do command preprossesing/handling through #0:do_command (check the
latest version of the LambdaMOO programmer manual for more information),
where you could do your prepositions substitutions or, if you want to have
more prepositions and a more english/spanish like command syntax, you can
write a complete in-db parser (there is some documentation at E_MOO about
the in-db parser of the E_CORE: )

Good luck.



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