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[Q] linking any exits to a room

This is a fairly newbie question, but please treat it as you will.

I would like some direction on how to set up a room such that ANYONE can
link an exit to and from that room.  I read up on properties and though
that making the room object writable would make it capable of being linked
to or from by an exit.  No such luck.  And there are the obvious problems
with making something publically readable, as this would also mean that
anyone would unlink anyone's exits, right?

Now I'm supposing that I need a verb on a room such that when someone tries
to make a link, the verb makes the link and goes on its marry way.  But I
can't even begin to guess where the @dig command goes such that it could
trigger a verb... could it be done through listening to what goes on in a

Or would I use caller_perms() on a calling verb on @dig so that if the user
is in room #285 (the only one I want this to work with at this point) then
their exits are added to the property on #285.exits?

I am reading the manual, and the tutorials, but they're still to abstract
for me to translate what is said into this context.

A direct and practical solution would garner my undying praise and thanks.


Jason Nolan

Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto
MooOISE & Mooca Java, Holistic Learning Conference,
and Towards an Ecozoic Curriculum sites at:

"The Macintosh may only have 10% of the market, but it is clearly the
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