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RE: [Q] linking any exits to a room

Now I'm supposing that I need a verb on a room such that when someone tries
to make a link, the verb makes the link and goes on its marry way.  But I
can't even begin to guess where the @dig command goes such that it could
trigger a verb... could it be done through listening to what goes on in a

Have you tried @list $builder:@dig
(The verb you want is on $room, I think it's called :add_exit(), but I'm not 
sure.  You should look anyway)

Or would I use caller_perms() on a calling verb on @dig so that if the user
is in room #285 (the only one I want this to work with at this point) then
their exits are added to the property on #285.exits?

You can't call @dig directly unless you make it +x, and then you make it 
somewhat less secure, and besides, it's not what you really want, anyway. 
 @dig has already been called, or you wouldn't be in this situation.

Anyway: the only real programmer help there is on LambdaCore aside from 
$*_utils objects, which usually have fairly good help on them, is to just 
@list the various verbs, @list verbs that those verbs call.  @list those 
verbs that are called from there, and so on.

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