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Re: [Q] linking any exits to a room

Jason Nolan asks:

> I would like some direction on how to set up a room such that ANYONE
> can link an exit to and from that room.

     I've done this.  Go check out the code on room #1708 on
LambdaMOO.  This is the second floor of the Looking Glass Tavern.
Some of the code is more complicated than what you need, but you can
just leave out the part that checks the name of the new exit.

     "Normally" this is done using player cooperation.  A player can
"add" exits and entrances to any room, but only the exits know that
they belong to the room.  The owner of the room must then go in and
type the commands to add the exit (so the room knows it's there and
will invoke it when a player enters the exit name) and the entrance
(so the room will let people enter using the entrance even when the
room is set to refuse teleporters).

     To do it automatically takes a little more work.  My version lets
players add exits and entrances freely.  The only restriction is on
exits; since the Tavern theme is that the rooms are rented out, the
actual name (as opposed to aliases) of the exits must be an available
room number from 1 to 100.

> Now I'm supposing that I need a verb on a room such that when someone tries
> to make a link, the verb makes the link and goes on its marry way.  But I
> can't even begin to guess where the @dig command goes such that it could
> trigger a verb... could it be done through listening to what goes on in a
> room.

     Actually, the dig command invokes add_entrance and add_exit, if
memory serves (I haven't looked at this area of the code in over two
years or so, so please bear with me).  These verbs then call secondary
verbs, which do the dirty work.  This is where the permission problems
come in.  You have to alter them so they will add the entrance and exit
for other players.
> I am reading the manual, and the tutorials, but they're still to abstract
> for me to translate what is said into this context.

     There are help entries on LambdaMOO for $room, $exit, and so forth.
These objects are the fundamental building blocks of much of LambdaMOO,
so it's worth taking some time to look them over.
> MooOISE & Mooca Java, Holistic Learning Conference,

     What's Mooca Java?

Steven J. Owens


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