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NEWS: Attention all pAS1/pAS3 users! [SERVER] [BUG]

This is an important announcement for anyone using my pAS1 
(non-suspending read()) or pAS3 (buffer_status()) patches for 1.7.8.

I have recently discovered bugs in both of these patches.  In both cases the 
flaws only show up occasionally, but they can cause problems and lost network 
data under some conditions:

For moo-1.7.8-pAS1.patch:  Version 1.0 of this patch, if the directions in the
patchfile are followed, can lose text lines if the MOO receives lots of text 
really fast on a connection being read() from.  I have fixed this problem in a
new version of the pAS1 patch, which does things somewhat differently. 
Version 2.0 of moo-1.7.8-pAS1.patch is now up on the patch archive, and any 
current users of pAS1 should download it, undo the previous version of the 
patch ('patch -R' can be used for this.. see man pages for details), and
install the new version. Be sure to read the instructions in the new version 
of the patch, as some important things have changed in how it's used.

For moo-1.7.8-pAS3.patch:  Version 1.0 of this patch had a bug which would 
cause the buffer_status() builtin to throw E_INVARG when it actually 
shouldn't, causing unexpected tracebacks, etc.  As Gustavo had already come up
with his own version of a similar patch which has the same functionality 
without this bug, his patch has been made available on the patch archive and 
moo-1.7.8-pAS3.patch is officially (and strongly) deprecated.  All current 
users of the pAS3 patch should switch to moo-1.7.8-bib.patch instead.

Sorry 'bout all this..  If anyone has any questions or problems regarding any
of this, please feel free to ask me.

     Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."

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