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I've got an interesting problem.  I've had the MacMOO server running 
successfully on my Quadra 650 for a few weeks now, with the 
LambdaCore1Oct94 db.

This evening, someone logged on and did not see the 
$login.welcome_message.  They informed me they could log on, and all the 
commands worked, ie. @who, COnnect, etc... but no welcome message.

So I checked, and $login.welcome_message is still there, all 14 lines.  
No one can see it, however.  Just for grins and giggles, I @set 
$login.welcome_message to {}, then recreated the login message.

Same problem.  No one can see it.

Any ideas?  Please send private email.  Thanks!


Roger Weeks                          Eightynine Records
      "Did you come here to play Jesus? I did..."


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