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On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Ranalou wrote:

> I have a suggestion, if no such device is already in place.  I was 
> wondering if it was feasible to have the ability to re-define builtins on 
> the $server object?  I'm sure you would still have to be able to pass() 
> back down to the original, but, if someone else has a good idea of how 
> the server could interpret it (I have no clue, and thus don't even know 
> the feasibility) then, tell me what you think.

It is feasible, although perhaps not quite in the way you envisage, but 
having the same eventual result.

It would probably be a good idea to create an object called $corefunc, 
and then create various verbs on this object, that corresponded exactly 
to the real core functions.

Then, take a look at the documentation that comes with LambdaMOO on how 
to protect the core functions.

This will force all non-wizards to call $corefunc:<function>() instead of 
<function>() directly.

The impact this would have on an existing Lambda Core is not trivial.



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