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RE: Q: Adding another wizard class.

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996, Quinn wrote:

> All this is true, of course, but I'd still like to hear suggestions for
> sub-wizard classes.  Perhaps the ability to @boot, to read all code, and
> maybe to change property permissions.  I want to remain the only
> Archwizard/God on my MOO, but I'd like to give others the ability to muck
> (within limits) with others' objects.

As I suggested a few days ago, one could create a special class of
'subwizards' or 'senior programmers'.  This child of $prog would have a
wizard-owned, slightly-modified (from the $wiz version) @chown verb that
would allow subwizards to @chown objects/properties/verbs to and from
non-wizards (i.e. they could not @chown an object/prop/verb owned by a
wizard, nor could they @chown one to a wizard.)  Thus they could "muck
with others' objects" by @chowning these objects to themselves, mucking,
and then @chowning them back, all without having access to wizard-owned
code, objects or properties.
> It'd be nice to have a few demigods around who could handle emergencies, and
> if only code that *needs* to be wizardly *is* wizardly, they can handle a
> lot of emergencies (well, rampant tracebacks) and edits without editing
> wizardly code.

Precisely -- these subwizards could handle anything that was not wizardly. 
> -Quinn
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