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RE: Q: Adding another wizard class.

At 9:01 -0500 10/14/96, Quinn wrote:
>All this is true, of course, but I'd still like to hear suggestions for
>sub-wizard classes.  Perhaps the ability to @boot, to read all code, and
>maybe to change property permissions.  I want to remain the only
>Archwizard/God on my MOO, but I'd like to give others the ability to muck
>(within limits) with others' objects.
>It'd be nice to have a few demigods around who could handle emergencies, and
>if only code that *needs* to be wizardly *is* wizardly, they can handle a
>lot of emergencies (well, rampant tracebacks) and edits without editing
>wizardly code.

Well I coded something like that at TecfaMOO using multiple ownership. To
make a long story short, the admin (sub-wizard class) can own any player
except wiz or corified ones. When they own a player they can program/edit
the player stuff with the player perms. If they want to edit something with
their perms they can simply add themselves as one of the owners of any
object (except wiz owned or corified ones.)

In fact the admin and the wiz class are the same I just changed the
security test on most wiz commands. To have a wiz bit just enable you to
edit/erase/program more stuff.

I tried to made the system so that admin can manage the MOO without being
expert programmer and not risking to trash the MOO by making a typo
somewhere :) The wiz staff on the other hand is in charge of making sure
the core work, is safe, etc... If they admin are good at programming they
can perfectly use their skill to fix bug in non-core code or help players
with their code.

Just my $0.02

-- Richard


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