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Re: Composition area

At 11:25 AM 10/25/96 PDT, you wrote:
>Awhile back I was visiting different MOO sites and found a site that allowed
>you to set an input mode where what the user was typing would not be
>interupted by the noise in the room.  I thought this must have been a common
>feature so I did not pay more attention to it.  Now on our educational MOO,
>the main complaint we have is that comments being composed by one user are
>constantly being interupted by other users comments. 
>How can we set up the MOO so that when a user starts a comment or command,
>other traffic will not interrupt their typing?  Any and all help is always

Are your users using telnet or a client?  If they are using telnet, then
what they type will have new received input interspered with it.  If you are
using a client, tinyfuge is a good one, then it redraws the input line for
you, to keep input and output separate, or it offers a dual window approach.

You could also modify certain verbs to ask for an output lock for a player,
and then only that task can tell the player something, everything else will
be buffered untiled the lock is removed.  It's better to use a client
program tho.


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