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>>>>> On Fri, 25 Oct 1996 11:25:13 PDT, Chuck Mize <> said:

> How can we set up the MOO so that when a user starts a comment or command,

> other traffic will not interrupt their typing?  Any and all help is
> always

This is a function of the client (the program that connects to the
MOO), not the MOO itself.  A telnet window is basically a dumb window
onto the MOO and is intended for single user sorts of things what do
not involve other competing processes.  You should get any of a number
of 'moo client' programs that solve this quite nicely.  I'm using
emacs, there is 'tinyFugue', there's tkMOO-lite (nifty cuz it's
written in Tcl/Tk) and quite a number of clients for the PC (windows
and such)  All the above are easily found in the Internet.


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