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Re: Threatening of Gothic MOO

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Kipp the Kidd wrote:

> Now, if sending an informative or complaint (at most)
> message to moo-cows is the worst the archwiz did, I think we should have the
> decency to not complain.  I realize the sender's writing and conflict
> resolution skills were not great, but he/she did almost exactly what I would
> have done.  Looked to a higher authority for help...  That is what we are
> here for, are we not?
> - Kipp

Ok, fine. I guess I misunderstood the purpose for this list's existence. 
My fault. I'll stick to posting to my ferret listserve and leave the 
MOO-Cows list to the "higher authorities" who find a redeeming quality in 
the garbage that was the original post.

My bad.

-Melissa A. Durfee

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