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Re: chat room wrote:
[interesting discussion that concludes:]
>If the rooms were set up so that people in room A could only hear chatter
>in their room plus the speaker, and people in room B could only hear
>chatter in their room plus the speaker, and I limited the number of people
>who could enter room A and room B, then it sounds like the problem I would
>need to surmount is how to get the speaker's character to hear what is said
>to him from room A and room B and have his responses be broadcast to each
>Basically we want to do away with the irc style chats we usually have when
>a visiting musician comes to our offices.

That would be easy to do without changing the rooms in the slightest.

Create a feature object with but a single verb on it.... a verb that
sends a question to the visiting musician or more likely to someone
who'd screen out the more stupid questions.

Then the speaker would get a special verb that would broadcast to everyone
with this feature.  People who didn't want to hear the speaker could
@rmfeature the feature, or could gag the speaker's character.  If you wanted to
get fancy, you could add another verb to the feature that turned it on
and off for people.

And you could hang out anywhere you wanted... you wouldn't have to
go to a specific room to hear it.

And one could write this program in a half-hour...

Hmm... visiting musicians, eh?  Do I get to hang out with Brian Eno?
When does Verge get its press conference?? (insert smileys to taste.)


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