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Re: chat room

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Jeanne Davis wrote:

> Hi, have been lurking on the list for awhile and have yet to see this
> question answered.  How many people can be present in a room in a moo based
> on the LambdaCore at once?  My boss wants the moo I am working on to have
> an arena (read AOL) style chat room, which can accomodate 1000s of users.
> Could they all be logged into the same room at the same time without
> compromising the stability of the moo?

1000's... wow.  I think you may get low on memory and the MOO would have 
a hard time, or at least slow time adding and removing people from the 
'contents' of the room.  Contents is simply a list of people in the room 
and doesn't pose any stability threat to the MOO.  By default, any amount of 
people may enter a room (unless coded otherwise).

The largest, oldest grandaddy MOO has yet to have 1,000 users 
connected, much less in the same room.  Probabally because the MOO slows 
down too much, and it would be impossible to control 1000 people at 
once.  The text would scroll too fast.

MOOs can handle many, many networks of vr rooms, and that would probabally
be bestin your case, instead of only one room.  You should log into a MOO
to get the feel of it... Rooms aren't as isolated from other rooms as they
are on AOL.  Try LambdaMOO (the oldest one) 8888 or my
own, MOO2000, 2000

- Kipp


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