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Re: chat room

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Jeanne Davis wrote:

> Hi, have been lurking on the list for awhile and have yet to see this
> question answered.  How many people can be present in a room in a moo based
> on the LambdaCore at once?  My boss wants the moo I am working on to have
> an arena (read AOL) style chat room, which can accomodate 1000s of users.
> Could they all be logged into the same room at the same time without
> compromising the stability of the moo?

You can handle as many as your computer will allow, memory and connection 

AFAIK Lambda does not have any limits built in.

Personally, I think your boss needs to rethink that one.  You must 
remember that all rooms in Lambda have 'perfect sound', in that you 
always hear everything that is going on around you.  It's going to be too 
noisy, and the player won't use it.

There is no way I would visit a room where 2000 people are talking 

Talk about Spam :)   Hehehe.  Spam City :^)



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