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Re: databases -Reply

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, 0bsidian wrote:

> Greetings and salutations!  I would be very interesting to hear more
> about verb based properties and how they work, if you are willing to
> begin a dialogue on the topic.

It's simply a $root_class verb called _* that (unless edited on a child, 
which is the enitre purpouse) reads:

return this.(verb[2..length(verb)]);

This way, if some exception occurs, like when an immortal is fighting an 
enemy, the verb can read:

return 11;

While the .hp becomes ignored, no matter what the fight does to the
property. I plan on also allowing obj:_prop(value); to set properties, but
I haven't found a need yet, and I'd prefer to keep the code as efficent as
possible.  I wrote some neat parsing code that will convert a whole
database into that new form.  :) If ya want it, email me personally... 
it's slightly large, hard to understand and lost somewhere in the min.db 
... I'd have to modify the code for a lambdaCore too.

- Kipp

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