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Re: Minimal.DB

>So I was once again hacking minimal.db, and I notice that I'm always
>starting with the same steps.  Why doesn't minimal.db consist of a single
>object, #0, which is a player and a programmer and a wizard, with a
>:do_login_command verb which returns #0?  I don't see any reason for
>minimal.db to contain a room or root parents at all.
The question is, "What is truly minimal?"  Some might argue that LambdaCore
is minimal.  Others posit that ZenMOO ( is minimal,
but which version, since there are two?  Don't get me wrong, I agree with you,
but perhaps the core could be released with several different "minimal"
cores.  Shall we say that a core under 1K is minimal?  Then, we could have
in the distribution:


T. Pascal, King of Pascal    |  "A bird in         |  Can you find seven
4527 Avocado St.             |   in the hand is    |  errors in this .sig?
Los Angeles, CA 90027        |   is worth two in   |  Hint:  the addresses
                             |   in the boosh."    |  ain't correct.


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